Wildlife to Look for in Baja California

Wildlife to Look for in Baja California

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Baja is known as one of the most beautiful summer destinations in California. The main advantage of this place is that is has a very mild weather and it can be visited all year without having to worry about rain or cold weather. It has amazing landscapes at it is known for providing amazing expeditions and beautiful destinations. One of the main attractions here is the wildlife.

Many experts believe that it is one of the most diverse places in California from this point of view. We have listed some of the wildlife that you will probably encounter in your expeditions in order to help you prepare your camera for some amazing pictures.

Sea Life

The sea wildlife is one of the most amazing parts of Baja. Being a shore area, you will find abundant fauna and flora. Some of the most amazing animals found here are the whales. Being right on the ocean shore, Baja is near one of the largest migration routes of the whales.

There are many companies that provide sigh-seeing expeditions that will bring you closer to these amazing animals. There are even some companies that provide diving and snorkeling sessions that will bring you as close as possible to the whales. Many touristic boats have special microphones that will help you hear the amazing songs of the whales.

Another amazing animal found in this area is the dolphin. They can be seen playing in the water from many places in Baja. There are many touristic companies that will take you to their main playground in order to better observe these smart mammals. They are very friendly, and you will be able to observe them in their natural habitat. This experience can’t be compared with going to an aquarium. You can even feed them in some special trips. Some touristic companies even let you swim among them in order to enhance your experience.

Land Wild Life

Baja is an UNESCO world heritage site thanks to the abundance of wild birds like pelicans, egrets, cormorants and many more. They can be observed in many areas of the island and you are guaranteed to have a unique experience. They are not very friendly, and the local authorities ask you not to get too close to them or to try to catch one of the birds because they are protected species.

The wildlife found under the water is also amazing. You can go on a diving trip and observe the amazing underwater universe that exists in Baja. You will find starfish, sun urchins, porcupine fish and many more. There is also an amazing flora under the water. The underwater experience will prove truly unique.

If you don’t have enough experience for diving, you can always choose snorkeling. There are many local companies that provide the necessary equipment and they will also take you to the perfect locations. You will see many amazing species of fish that are protected by the locals and the laws. Baja is definitely a place for all those nature lovers.

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