Baja represents the place to be if you are interested in Mexican and American culture. Being right on the border, it offers a unique cultural experience. Your accommodation should ensure maximum comfort in order to have enough energy for all those traditional menus and walks. We have selected a range of options suitable for every taste and budget. CostaBaja resort and spa offers a laid-back atmosphere suitable for those in need of silence and relaxation. It offers a swimming pool, free wi-fi and a parking spot. The resort is located in La Paz right near the beach and offers discounts regularly.

Baja Camp is the perfect spot for those who want to feel the wild side of Baja. This is a luxury tented camp on a remote island and has room for 10 guests. It has comfortable rooms, showers and beds. But this place is for those in need of silence. You can hear the seals in the morning and feel the sea wind on your face. You can go fishing for dinner, snorkelling with sea lions and watch superb sunsets away from civilization.

Grand Velas Los Cabos is the traditional luxury hotel. It was also presented in Forbes magazine as one of the best hotels in Baja. Tripadvisor rated it number one in Baja. It offers a unique view to the sea, infinity pools, palm trees all around, free wi-fi and parking spot, a varied menu and many other facilities. You just have to go out of the hotel and you can already feel sand under your feet. Las Ventanas al Paraiso offers an amazing architecture. The hotel is located in the middle of the pool, giving the feeling of a Medieval castle surrounded by a water pit. The hotel preserves the local architecture and offers a variety of options for families.

La Concha beach resort is the ultimate budget friendly options. It is located very close to the beach and has a swimming pool of its own. The hotel offers free wi-fi and a parking spot. Hotel Mar de Cortez is also a budget-friendly option. It has the classic western architecture, reminding us of the traditional Mexican houses. It has a cosy, chic feeling. Todos Santos Inn is the perfect choice for the architecture lovers. This hacienda has been carefully restored and now is one of the jewellery pieces of Baja. Each room preserved the local culture. Walking through this hotel is like a time travel through old California.

Marquis Los Cabos is the perfect choice for families in search for the perfect accommodation. The resort offers countless facilities, from a 32-ft. waterfall to swimming pools, suitable for all family members. The resort is full of Latin artwork, making your stay even more beautiful. Visiting Baja will be one of your most beautiful summer experiences. The landscape offers breathtaking views and the culture is amazing. Accommodation can be so much more than a bed and a bathroom. We have given you a list of places suitable for every taste and budget. Have a nice vacation!