What to see in Baja California

What to see in Baja California

The Baja California peninsula is in the west coasts side of Mexico, and it has an astonishing 775miles. Famously known for its great wine, amazing natural scenery, Baja is also one of the greatest spots for diving in the world. In this article, we will be doing some reviews of some of the places to see and visit in Baja California.

Rock painting of Sierra de San Fransisco

This is the most amazing rock art pictographs of Baja California peninsula, and it can be found in the San Fransisco mountain range. This is a drawing that is over a thousand years old, having some parts of it carbon dated to be old as far back as 7000years ago. The pieces of art are believed to be made my the “cochimi’ people, the then indigenous inhabitants of Baja California. Take a walk to thus great place to learn more about it.

Cabo Pulmo

This is a park located about 60miles to the north of Cabo San Lucas, the most famous city in Baja California. Naturalist and scubas diving enthusiasts makes this park thier haven. One of the wonderful things to see here is the oldest of the three reeves, lying off the coast of north America, which is estimated to be the home to a host of multicolored fauna and flora.


This is one of the most unique things in the desert land i.e.an Oasis. Found at the foot of a river valley, Mulegé enjoys abundance of fruits, and vegetables, which is very unusual bin Baja. An old prison that was built with no bars and a good defense is worth visiting at mulege.

Isla Espiritu Santo

This place is also known as the Holy Spirit Islandz and it is on island that has been named UNESCO World Bioreserves. This island is the most beautiful island and it is a place to go to for a swim and also a walk at the length of its beaches. It is the 12th largest island in Mexico.


If you said you had seen Baja California peninsula and you did not visit the bay of balandra, then you need to revisit again. The bay looks totally circular is surrounded by dines, which resulted into the calmness of the sea than others.

El Mogote

The slim peninsula bof Mogote lies on the other side of the bay from LA paz, Baja. It is filled with mangroves, and it is a great place to kayak through. This place is also a nursery for whale sharks, which can be seen although the winter periods

Todos Santos

Todos Santos
Todos Santos

A very small town on the Pacific coast of Baja California. Its importance as a cultural landmark made the Mexican government to award the status of a Pueblo Magico (magical town) to this small town which is fast becoming the most visited place in Baja California. The town was formed by some missionaries in the early 18th century, an in  recent time became a major spot where artists troop into the town, maybe as a resident or as an artists.

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