In California, Baja is on its west coast, and it has a lot of amazing restaurants of which some of the best seafood in the world can definitely be found. Delicious fresh caught lobster and so much more is easily available.  One of the most amazing things in here is that most of the restaurants in Baja are that they all source for their ingredients from the Sea of Cortez, although there are other variations. In this article, I will be guiding you through some of the best restaurants in Baja, where you will of course get the best meal you want and also leaving you with an unforgettable lifetime experience.

  • Apostolis – definitely my number one best pick. A little haven in the Mediterranean where you will get the best seafood prepared mostly with local and or Japanese flavours, a walkway that will take you to a fantastic courtyard filled with astonish laid tables and lots of small Greeks flags hanged on the walls. The restaurant hosts local musicians that play to the entertainment of their guests during dinner and even lunch. They have this way of making you feel that mussel in white wine, squid rings and crabs are the most precious ways to start a meal, and also, they have a wide selection of wines and a kitchen that is being monitored and led by a Greek Islander. Indeed, this restaurant is the best in La Paz as it is currently being ranked.
  • Mc-Fisher – my selection cannot be complete if I do not talk about this great restaurant that has rows of coal grills line on one of its sides, and tables for at least six filling the rest of its yard. A restaurant that has been open for more than a decade and still remains the favourite among the locals. It is known for its baked, grilled and fried marlin that are always ready on their menu, and most importantly, the favourite of the house called “enchiladas”.
  • Steinbeck’s – yet another fantastic restaurant in Baja. It is just a short drive to the north of the middle of the town in Costa Baja Resort & Spa. It has established itself as the best place for high-ranking dining with diverse excellent restaurants. A view of the Marina and a fantastic natural illumination that shows the skies swirl across gradations of colours just after sunset makes Steinbeck’s a cool spot to be.
  • El Bismarkcito – also known as “the Little Bismark”, it is indeed a bustling restaurant. Its roof is high and thatched, having more than a dozen staffs all at the waiting tables for anyone that comes. This is one restaurant in Baja that can hardly be empty. It has its own taco grill right outside its front, and the restaurant is a place where you can choose from two different menus. One menu is dedicated mainly to fish tacos, which of course makes it a smaller menu, and the other one which is the bigger menu offers diverse choices of grilled surf and turf.