Often overlooked as just a fast food alternative, Mexican food has rather a dubious reputation. Tacos and tortillas can be boring and rather stodgy but if they are made with exciting and fresh ingredients that can be absolutely delicious. The truth is Mexican cuisine can be complex, daring, and innovative, using product combinations that no other cuisine dares to. The sauces are deep and many-faceted and can take hours or even days to prepare. Which other nation would dare to serve poultry lavished in chocolate? The following restaurants in Baja are some of the best restaurants that can be found in the area, they embrace the cuisine of their country and strive to produce culinary perfection.

Flora’s Field Kitchen – San Jose Del Cabo

If you want to eat the freshest of ingredients, then you will love the concept of Flora’s Field Kitchen. This farm oasis is surrounded by fields and an exciting local landscape. A common conception of modern eating these days is farm-to-table, and this basically means that you cannot possibly get food any fresher. Expect delicious greens and salads, tangy local cheeses and crusty freshly baked breads. With ingredients this good there is not need to mess around with them in fancy sauces or the like. But Flora’s also serves delicious cocktails and good hearty main meals.

Loncheria La Garita – Todos Santos

Situated roughly 20 kilometers from La Paz the Loncheria La Garita is well worth a special trip to visit. This restaurant is a perfect example how a family-run eatery should operate. The ranch-style rustic restaurant delivers exactly what it says on the label. Great hearty food in a wonderful atmosphere, and it is so popular that it is always packed out. The roast beef with beans is to die for, or perhaps opt for the special empanadas which are just as good as any cantina. Loncheria La Garita is more than a diner that the whole family is welcome, it offers farm animals and plenty of space for the kids to run around.

Loncheria La Garita – Todos Santos
Loncheria La Garita – Todos Santos

La Guerrerense – Ensenada

Mexican food is synonymous with tacos, and probably the humble taco is known all over the world. However, there is a big difference between the fast-food tacos that places like Taco Bell serve, and the delightfully crunchy tacos served at true Mexican cantinas. La Guerrerense is a perfect example of this, the restaurant has a great reputation for serving fantastic seafood, and in fact it has been honored with several awards for its food. But one of their signature dishes is a simple taco crammed full of the freshest seafood. These tacos share the same name as their fast food equivalents, but they are worlds apart. Other dishes to highly recommend are the sea-urchin and sea-snail tostadas, and the absurdly fresh ceviche that comes in many varieties. There is also a very atmospheric guitar accompaniment whilst diners enjoy their food.

These restaurants showcase just how good Mexican food can be, and the stereotypical myth about tacos being the summit of Mexican cuisine is just make-believe.