The Best Restaurants in Baja California – Part 1

The Best Restaurants in Baja California – Part 1

Baja California has an extraordinary cultural history, and one of the biggest influences is in its cuisine.

The location of this independent Mexican state is perfect for offering a blend of Mexican and Tex-Mex food. And the variety of produce that can be grown or caught in the area makes for a highly complex and unique food experience. Popular dishes in this part of the world are, Fish Tacos, Puerto Nuevo Lobster, Pismo Clam Tostada, Abalone Chorizo, and Tecate Bread. And here are some of the very best restaurants in Baja that you can enjoy these and many other local delicacies.

Sur Beach House – Cabo San Lucas

This top international restaurant has an exceptional location sitting right on the beach looking towards El Arco. The Sur Beach House oozes elegance, yet the atmosphere is very laid back and casual, no need to dress formally for dinner at this place. The chef and his talented team are known for serving the freshest of ingredients that all come from producers that are local to the restaurant. Popular dishes are fresh ceviches and tacos with subtly balanced flavors adding to the great ingredients. Sur Beach House has a reputation for great service and if you opt for the more exotic dishes such as grilled fish and meat then expect to be made a fuss of. Why not have your aperitif served right on the beach while the waiters prepare your elegant candlelit table.

Heirbabuena – Todos Santos

Many people’s image of Mexican food are tacos and other tortilla-based dishes, but this is far from the truth. Mexican cuisine is one of the oldest in the world and uses some incredible combinations of ingredients, spices, herbs, and cooking techniques. This exciting and innovative Mexican restaurant serves seasonal food with local ingredients. The menu changes on a regular basis depending what is ready to harvest in the organic garden, and what is caught daily in the sea and the surrounding area.

Tras / Horizonte – Tijuana

This restaurant has an atmosphere most eateries would kill for, situated in an old indoor warehouse Tras / Horizonte is one of the most captivating restaurants in Tijuana. The walls are painted with giant sea creatures, sunsets, and ferns, you almost feel you are outdoors. The colorful illumination of the fairy lights hanging down from driftwood beams add to the whole scenario and you know that you are in for a culinary delight. But it is not just the décor that brings punters to this popular restaurant, the food is spectacular too.Diners gorge on creative and spicy starters that include portobello mushrooms in a tangy mesquite pesto, as well as shrimp stuffed in relleno chilies. All cooked to perfection and using the freshest of ingredients, many diners prefer to opt for the house-special mezcal cocktails rather than drink wine.

These great restaurants are just some of the finest places to eat in Baja, but they are only the tip of the iceberg as there are many more in this culinary exciting region.     

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