The Best Nightlife in Baja

The Best Nightlife in Baja

Baja California actually confuses many people about whether or not it is in Mexico or America; it is actually a free and sovereign state in Mexico. Situated along the Pacific coast, Baja offers a plethora of restaurants, nightclubs, bars and beachside dance floors that open late into the night. A great part of all the fun happens in Cabo San Lucas, but it is not the only place to have a good time and find people enjoying themselves. Other places include Loreto and Tijuana, and here are some of the best places to spend your leisure time.

Plaza Fiesta – Tijuana

Rather bizarrely Plaza Fiesta is located in an old shopping mall, in a rather run-down area of town. But if you persevere and try to find this popular bar area it will be well worth your time. It is probably the center of Tijuana’s craft beer offering and is populated by great beer establishments such as Border Psycho, Insurgente Tap Room, and Mamut. In Tijuana, things do not get going till later in the evening, and there are few tourists in this part of town, just Mexicans doing what they are really good at and that is partying.

Hussong’s Cantina – Ensenada

fine tequila

If you want to sample some fine tequila, then you should visit one of the oldest and most popular cantinas in Baja. Hussong’s Cantina has been serving tequila since 1892, and you will have to vie for a seat at the bar with the horde of locals that frequent this lively bar at the weekends. If you love bars with the noise, passion and exuberance of Mexico then you will adore Hussong’s Cantina. There is no such thing as popping in for a quiet beer at this establishment, with Mariachi bands raising the roof and punters dancing, enjoying yourself is the name of the game. 

Harker Board – La Paz

Perfectly located with views over the bay, Harker Board is a highly popular establishment with tourists and locals alike. The upstairs terrace is the place to be and serves ice cold beer from the Baja Brewery. This bar / restaurant has a reputation for serving many different types of bottled beer, and there actually twenty different labels to choose from. The unusual name comes from the bar’s secondary purpose and that is a rental place for kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. And this clientele often frequents the bar after riding the waves during the day.

Los Remedios – Tijuana

Los Remedios is the archetypal Mexican cantina and offers everything that you would expect from an establishment such as this. The brightly canary-yellow painted outside is typically Mexican and you just know that this cantina likes to fiesta.Inside, the walls are adorned with bullfighting pictures as well as colorful national flags and old movie posters. The whole effect is very atmospheric and very enticing. Add all this to the multitude of tequilas behind the bar and you have a recipe for a great cantina. Of course, at the weekends the place is rocking with live music and people dancing. 

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