If you love to be by the sea, then Baja is for you. If you also love to taste things that come from the sea, you are twice as lucky because Baja makes the most of it’s fishing trade and brings the spoils straight to the table. What’s so great about the seafood here is that it doesn’t come plain, mixed with that Mexican flair for colour and spice, the seafood you will sample here is like none you have had before. Their ability to seamlessly mix fish, mollusks and shellfish with classic Mexican cuisine is uncanny and you’ll no doubt find yourself wondering why other places don’t make the same combinations elsewhere.

Fish Tacos

This clever mix of sea and sand has spread much wider than Baja and is now available from several fast food chains across the US. But if you are in a place as close to prime fishing spots as this, you better believe the stuff here is going to blow you away. In a soft bread slightly spicy salsa mixes with sour cream and some over ripe avocados for a perfect Mexican blend of flavour. Then of course your fish, skillet fried or grilled is placed in the centre ready to add some salty goodness to your palate.

Pismo Clam Tostada

For those of you who aren’t sure what a tostada is, it is regularly a dish served atop of a toasted or fried tortilla. Fresh and varied ingredients are then piled atop of these to make for an easy but filling meal. In Baja your tostadas are laden with big juicy Pismo clams, mixing your fresh veg with delicious and tender seastuff.

Chipotle Oysters

So, you like a good oyster, but you also like the fiery spices of Mexican food, well now you don’t have to choose between the two. Check out these small and mighty combinations of a beloved seafood and that smoky hot stuff you know and love. With a creamy chipotle mayo made from jalapenos and lime, this dish ticks of two boxes you didn’t know could be put together.

Abalone Chorizo

You may be familiar with the very red cured meat chorizo, usually coloured with paprika and made from pork. Of course here there is a fish substitute, this recipe came from sailors out at sea for long periods of time who used curing techniques to turn abalones into a kind of jerky. This is now a much loved part of local food here and has got to be tried if you like fish or of course chorizo.

Puerto Nuevo Lobster

Known as a delicacy in so many countries the humble lobster is not the same on every coast. You will be pleased to know that here among the crisp open waters of Baja, these things grow to large and mouth-watering sizes. These things are absolutely bursting with meat, unlike the lobster you may have had elsewhere which requires some deconstruction and can feel like more effort than reward, here things are much different. Commonly served with the flank cut off and sometimes grilled as such in their own juices, the meat on these specimens is clear as day. Find it served with rice, beans, tortillas and hot sauce just in case you thought the Mexican was missing.