Baja California, which is in fact the second longest peninsula in the whole entire earth and it offers more than 1200km of mystical, ethereal, untamed and majestic landscape for you to explore. If you are lucky enough to make a full-time trip of the Tijuana to Los Cabos, you will find out that the carretera transpeninsula offers amazing vistas at each turn. This place that looks like the middle of nowhere is far more beautiful and attractive than one can ever imagine. If you are ready to visit this place, then get to the heart of Baja California with a very nicely prepared trip advice in this article. Tips that you must take into consideration if you are planning to get to Baja on a holiday

How do I get to Baja?

There are many easy ways to get to Baja California, you just have to decide which way is best for you. One great way to get to Baja, is by driving, this way to get to see as much of the scenery as you go. There are many different scenarios to be aware of when you are driving down, be sure that you have packed appropriately. You want to have clothing that is good for warm weather, and when you are traveling to Baja, be sure you always have a swimsuit, you never know when you will want to go swimming. If you are driving you may want to have a 4×4 car as you might be going over rough terrain. There are many different ways to get to Baja when you are driving. You can go through California or Arizona. Be careful either way you go, the terrain can be dangerous as can a few of the cities that you may drive through. So take you time to make sure that you have planned correctly where and how you will get there.

Mexico was not always a hot destination for travelers, it was originally a place where you could find old farmers and fishermen living their lives and feeding their families. It quickly grew in popularity and it is now where you see people flocking to the beaches for spring break and summer holidays. The history of Mexico is so long and interesting. But with that comes some dangers, there have been many troubles and hardships along the way. That being said you should be careful when you are traveling through the country, be sure that you know which areas are save to travel through and if you are traveling by car then be sure to be extra cautious as there are areas that you should not travel through or stop in. A little planning can go a long way, if you are careful and plan ahead then you are sure to have a great time on your adventure to Baja. There are gorgeous beaches, great restaurants, with yummy lobster,  and so many interesting spots to stop and see all through out the peninsula. We hope you enjoy your travels in Baja California.