In between the unstoppable sunlight, the endless halcyon sands and the beautiful blue sea in Baja California its hard to think you could ever get bored. The nature here alone is astounding not to mention the marine life, but still some people aren’t content with just their surroundings. If you prefer a more hands-on holiday where you are occupied with activities instead of laying flat on the beach, then take a look at the more exciting side of Baja.

Museo Sol Del Nino

Maybe you have a few young ones who need to be kept entertained at all times, maybe you are averse to long periods in the sun, whatever your reason for staying indoors when it is so tropical outside the Museo Sol Del Nino is here to make your time inside as fun as possible. Though it’s namesake may make you think this centre full of activities is just for kids, adults are able to get involved too. There are many family orientated activities here as the large indoor area is overflowing with interactive displays. From painting to, soft play and even enjoying 3D films on their IMAX cinema screen, you and your kin will struggle to get bored here.

Whale Shark Snorkelling

Get amongst the amazing sea life in Baja with a snorkelling trip that promises to get you side by side with some of their friendliest fish friends – thee whale shark. Depending on how much time you have to commit to this unforgettable experience you can choose from a tour that lasts a few hours including transit to a full day out with these gentle creatures. You only need to bring good swimming skills as your wetsuits, snorkels and food for the trip are provided. Get ready to come face to face with these living breathing wonders of the sea in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Climbing And Ziplining

From the sea to the skies, Baja has an array of mountains that are just begging for you to ascend. You will find that climbing companies have already made the most of this terrain and turned the cliffs into a place for high altitude adventure. Grab a helmet and strap yourself into the safety harnesses as your tightrope walk across gorges and climb vertical cliff faces. Once you reach the top you can come back to the ground in style by attaching to one of several zip lines. Glide down at maddening speeds as you enjoy the incredible views and the adrenaline rush.



The sand in Baja California is ideal for operating a particular set of vehicles. Whether all-terrain or utility, the four wheelers you will commonly see cruising over the beaches and diving over the dunes are enjoyed by everyone. If you like to take things a little more leisurely you can take a steady tour as you follow a convoy around the area admiring the sites and getting acquainted with the features. For those who like things far more fast paced there are several places you can put your pedal to the metal and reach the top speeds in these open-air rides.