The Best Tropical Cocktails
Tropical Cocktails

Basically, one of the best things about holidays is that every hour might be a cocktail o’clock if you want so. But wait a minute, who said you cannot do the same on weekends? In case you have been waiting for approval, then this is your approval! Here is a comprehensive list of some of […]

Non-Stop Entertainment In Baja California

In between the unstoppable sunlight, the endless halcyon sands and the beautiful blue sea in Baja California its hard to think you could ever get bored. The nature here alone is astounding not to mention the marine life, but still some people aren’t content with just their surroundings. If you prefer a more hands-on holiday […]

Canyon de Guadalupe

It’s the summer holidays, and although the season brings some of the best weather to the northern hemisphere it also brings the school children and plenty of beach ready tourists. If you like your retreat to be free of masses of other people slathering on sun cream and blaring music from their over exerting Bluetooth […]

Fun Ways to Get Around In Baja

Add Some Variation to Your Trip With These Options The sun and sea of Baja California are unquestionably some of its greatest elements, the bright sunlight, steady heat and beautiful open waters make this place stunning from so many angles. But if you want to make the most out of your time here you are […]

Why Baja Street Art Is Unique

Baja California is in a very unique area, part of Mexico yet attached to the peninsula of California, this prime spot in between countries makes for a vibrant mix of cultures and styles, a perfect breeding ground for street artists. Here you will find art that embodies the mix of both the US and its […]

Seafood Goes Mexican
Puerto Nuevo Lobster

If you love to be by the sea, then Baja is for you. If you also love to taste things that come from the sea, you are twice as lucky because Baja makes the most of it’s fishing trade and brings the spoils straight to the table. What’s so great about the seafood here is […]

Forget Snowboards, Try Sandboards
Sandboard In Baja

You’ve no doubt heard of snowboarding, the winter sport with way more street-cred than its not so hip cousin skiing. The problem with snowboarding is you generally need snow, and even without it you need a mountain that’s been kitted out to simulate the surface of it. This therefore makes snowboarding impossible in hot climates […]

Beach Hopping in Baja California

The Baja peninsula is one of the most diverse landscapes that you could possibly come across. As well as the famous beaches situated here, there are also deserts and mountains, and the whole region is teeming with incredible marine life. The Baja coastline stretches for almost eight hundred miles and along its length you can […]

The Best Restaurants in Baja California – Part 2

Often overlooked as just a fast food alternative, Mexican food has rather a dubious reputation. Tacos and tortillas can be boring and rather stodgy but if they are made with exciting and fresh ingredients that can be absolutely delicious. The truth is Mexican cuisine can be complex, daring, and innovative, using product combinations that no […]