Cool Cafes in Baja California
Cool Cafes in Baja California

Baja California is a Mexican state the northwestern side of Mexico. The state’s capital is the Mexicali. Baja shares boundaries with the United States to the north with Arizona and California. Cafes serving mostly residents of Mexican heritage are numerous, and we’ve drawn up a few of the cool cafes in the state. State Street […]

Planing a Trip to Baja California

Baja California, which is in fact the second longest peninsula in the whole entire earth and it offers more than 1200km of mystical, ethereal, untamed and majestic landscape for you to explore. If you are lucky enough to make a full-time trip of the Tijuana to Los Cabos, you will find out that the carretera […]

What to see in Baja California

The Baja California peninsula is in the west coasts side of Mexico, and it has an astonishing 775miles. Famously known for its great wine, amazing natural scenery, Baja is also one of the greatest spots for diving in the world. In this article, we will be doing some reviews of some of the places to […]

The Best Restaurants In Baja California

In California, Baja is on its west coast, and it has a lot of amazing restaurants of which some of the best seafood in the world can definitely be found. Delicious fresh caught lobster and so much more is easily available.  One of the most amazing things in here is that most of the restaurants […]

Best Hotels In Baja California

This article would be guiding you through the best hotels in Baja California. It is therefore pertinent for you to understand what an hotel is. A hotel is an establishment which provides accommodation and other related services for paying guests; which is normally larger than a guesthouse. We must also take into understanding that the […]

Best Restourant In Baja California

Visiting new places means that you will want to experience new cultures at their maximum. One part of the experience must be the culinary one. Baja offers and amazing range of food and drinks suitable to its multicultural background. We have selected some of the best restaurants out there in order to help you choose […]

Activities to Do on Vacation in Baja California

Baja is one of the most amazing places in California. It combines the local culture with the Latin one. The result is purely breathtaking. The cuisine, the music, the architecture and the vibe will leave you stunned. The nature displays unique landscapes, crystal-clear water and immaculate beaches. A good vacation is defined by the activities […]

Where to Stay in Baja California

Baja represents the place to be if you are interested in Mexican and American culture. Being right on the border, it offers a unique cultural experience. Your accommodation should ensure maximum comfort in order to have enough energy for all those traditional menus and walks. We have selected a range of options suitable for every […]