Fun Ways to Get Around In Baja

Fun Ways to Get Around In Baja

Add Some Variation to Your Trip With These Options

The sun and sea of Baja California are unquestionably some of its greatest elements, the bright sunlight, steady heat and beautiful open waters make this place stunning from so many angles. But if you want to make the most out of your time here you are going to want to make some headway and do a good deal of moving around. That intense heat can wear you down if you are walking and not the hiking type, similarly, being stuck in a stuffy car probably isn’t going to make your trip better. Luckily there are several ways to mix things up here getting you off your feet and out of your sweatbox and adding some fun to the mix too. Check out some of these transportation options that won’t have you missing that funky smelling rental car.


It has been the means of travel for generations of people and today it can be yours too. The humble yet powerful horse has been a helpful friend to mankind in many areas, and today they don’t have to cart heavy wagons behind them instead they just carry you. Head out on a steady beach stroll with these delightful animals and see how therapeutic a simple trot can be.


If horses just aren’t exotic enough for you then Baja has option that should get you more excited. Known for their prominence in the deserts of the east, these humped mammals will carry you like the kings of old along the beautiful coastline. With tours that will take you on a nature walk showing and teaching you about the wonders of the region’s natural sites, you can appreciate the scenery even more. Here you can spend time getting to know your camel and enjoy a Mexican lunch at the end of your trip too.



Walking, horses and camels just not fast enough? Sounds like you are a speed devil, and you will be happy to know there are plenty more like you here. Quickly get to grips with the All-Terrain-Vehicles here as many places will provide a brief tutorial before sending you off on your way. The stretching sand dunes here make it a perfect spot to race around at full speed, bumping up and over ridges and racing across straights. If you love speed you will really feel the wind in your face when you hire one of these out.

Glass Bottom Kayak

Of course, the land has its perks, like you can’t drown in it for example, but it would be a crime to not get into the waters here in Baja. Though there are many ways to move over the sparkling waters here one particularly fun way is to tour with a glass bottom kayak. Here you will have the fun of rowing around while getting a unique view of all the sea life swimming beneath you. The tours here also stop for a spot of snorkelling so you can get even closer to what you’ve spotted in your boat window.

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