You’ve no doubt heard of snowboarding, the winter sport with way more street-cred than its not so hip cousin skiing. The problem with snowboarding is you generally need snow, and even without it you need a mountain that’s been kitted out to simulate the surface of it. This therefore makes snowboarding impossible in hot climates where there is not only a lack of snow but a lack of mountainous regions, instead on the hottest parts of the planet you are going to find sand – lots of sand. Luckily for those who love the idea of adrenaline sports and those accustomed to boarding, the innovators in the sport community have an answer and it’s called sandboarding. . Sandboarding has attracted many new followers in recent years and is a sport that people take part in all over the world, in Baja however, it has mustered such an audience that it is now one of the regions most popular sports.

What Do I Need to Sandboard?

Sandboarding is pretty much what it sounds like, swap out the snow for sand and you are set to descend dunes instead of snow covered slopes. Though there are specific boards made for sandboarding which help you drift over dunes more efficiently, it isn’t entirely uncommon for people to simply make do with their snowboarding equipment. Since you won’t be needing all that bulky winter gear, light clothes should do the trick otherwise you will be sweating all day. If you expect to be rolling about in the sand a lot as you train up its wise to maybe bring some goggles for eye protection, however a pair of sunglasses should do the trick if you plan to remain upright. Unlike snowboarding where you need to wait for lifts to take you back to the peak, sandboarding generally goes hand in had with a dune buggy or quad bike. You will see people riding over the dunes in these ATV’s all over because they are both efficient and easy to rent out. Whether in a buggy or on foot, you are going to be warm regardless so your most essential gear is really your board and some well-needed water.

Where to Sandboard In Baja?

Mexicali offers a trio of great locations to take your board to, all with their own appeal. Cuervitos Dunes offer a fantastic place to get started. Both amateurs and professionals come here to tackle the sun-drenched sands. With the ascending dunes that stretch across the land here you can put in the practice that will lead you towards mastering the sport. The great thing about sandboarding is that if you fall over there is no steep mountain for you to worry about, you will simply land in the much softer embrace of sand. The San Felipe sand dunes are wonderfully white which makes for great variety and photos. Whereas in Primo Tapia you’ll find the Cantamar Dunes which sit in a prime spot to get a wonderful ocean view while you coast down the dunes.