Dive In The Oversized Baja California Aquarium

Dive In The Oversized Baja California Aquarium

The Baja California peninsula has one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. Tourists will find numerous exclusive hotels here. Countless parties take place there. At the same time, you can enjoy the underwater world and countless fish and turtles. Divers encounter a world of their own here. The Mexicans call this place Los Cabos. That is where locals meet Americans and more and more Europeans. Seals, rays, dolphins and grey whales frolic in the warm waters. The coral reefs are a popular diving and snorkelling area. No less than 800 fish live in the Gulf of California. This substantial open-air aquarium is one of the biologically most prosperous places in the world.

Discovered From Above

The rise of Los Cabos began more than 60 years ago. The son of the Mexican president discovered the heavenly patch of earth from the air. He recognized the potential and had the first resort built on the new piece of land. The Hotel Palmilla is still the best address on-site to this day. The wonderful area soon attracted the first Hollywood stars, which hasn’t changed so far. The world’s greatest movie stars still reside here. They enjoy the beaches and golfing and are enthusiastic about the grey whales announced by the waiters after each sighting.

Between Party Capital and Nature Paradise

The former fishing village has become a tourist stronghold. Only the streets in the town centre are reminiscent of the flair of the colonial era. The party capital Cabo San Lucas is around 30 minutes away. About 80,000 people live here. There is even a marina here. However, if you’re looking for peace, El Arco is the right place for you. The fairytale arch that juts out of the water off the coast has chosen an extraordinary place. That is where the Gulf of California meets the Pacific. Here the waves rustle, and the pelicans circle over the heads of the people. Countless fish shine in all colours in the water. Numerous schools of fish immediately surround anyone who lets some fish food slide into the water here.

Turtles Paddle

The miles of deserted sandy beaches are famous. Unfortunately, many of them are unsuitable for swimming because of their strong currents. Anyone who goes to the coral reefs finds a lot of fish. After all, they want to know who is moving in their area without an invitation. The biodiversity is intoxicating. Whether doctor fish, trumpet fish, puffer fish or parrotfish, they all drift through the reefs. Even sea turtles enjoy the paradisiacal environment and meet the visitors. They have all the time globally, even though they only live to be 50 years old here in Baja, California. For visitors to this unique underwater world, they are another highlight in their search for paradise. Diving and snorkelling in this gigantic aquarium unite people and nature in a way never before known.

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