Baja California is a Mexican state the northwestern side of Mexico. The state’s capital is the Mexicali. Baja shares boundaries with the United States to the north with Arizona and California. Cafes serving mostly residents of Mexican heritage are numerous, and we’ve drawn up a few of the cool cafes in the state.

State Street Coffee House

The State Street Coffee House in Mexicali, stands among the best cafes in town with lots of indoor and outdoor seating, not forgetting free WIFI. Among the drinks and delicacies served in the café include coffee, chicken curry salads, baked goods, and sandwiches. Providing a serene indoor environment with comfortable couches, State Street is ideal for anyone wishing to finish up pending work, catching a break or just finishing up their readings. Also, the coffee house’s staff are helpful and friendly. The availability of parking spots helps a lot as well.

Luwak Café

Luwak Café is located in Tijuana and is among the most sought-after joints in the main street of playas. Luwak offer a broad variety of food such as vegan and organic items absent in many cafes. Luwak’s cappuccino is arguably the best in the Tijuana region. The hot cappuccino is served with a beautiful foam art and comes with a sweet, creamy coffee taste without the unpleasant aftertaste. The café’s comfy interior is convenient for persons looking to catch up with their reading or working. Also, internet surfers get to enjoy free WIFI.

Barra D’Café

Located in Ensenada, the Barra D’Café serves what’s perhaps coffee in Ensenada. The building that houses this café used to be an old wine factory and is a quarter-hour walk from the main strip. The Barra is the perfect place to start your day, with the friendly and accommodating baristas making the joint a favorite for residents. Moreover, the Barra D’Café roasts their coffee beans on-site and the baristas are always eager to share information regarding the origin of the beans, how various roasting methods affect the coffee’s taste and what flavor to expect from particular seeds.

The baristas’ passion is apparent and makes the Barra stand out. The café’s spectacular interior comprises of contemporary décor with a picturesque sitting area for customers. The Barra D’Café is a must visit if you happen to set foot in Ensenada.

Café La Churreria

There isn’t a cooler place to savor your Espresso and churros than the Café La Churreria in all of Ensenada. Situated close to the main shopping street, the café’s staff is welcoming and accommodating and ready to give a helping hand. This café is ideal for people on the look-out for a tranquil place to enjoy a novel or just unwind. The marvelous churros, in particular, attract lots of clientele and no other hotel joint in Ensenada prepares anything remotely close to what the chefs at Churreria make. Baja is filled with a variety of places to eat, they are known for their delicious fresh food. These cafes are all well-loved and so tasty!