Best Restourant In Baja California

Best Restourant In Baja California

Visiting new places means that you will want to experience new cultures at their maximum. One part of the experience must be the culinary one. Baja offers and amazing range of food and drinks suitable to its multicultural background. We have selected some of the best restaurants out there in order to help you choose the best option. While most of us are thinking that Caesar salad originated in Italy, a trip to Baja will prove us wrong. This dish was born in 1940 in Hotel Caesar in Tijuana. The story tells that chef rushed to prepare a salad for a group of pilots. The popularity of this world-known dish boosted shortly. Go check yourself if the legend of the best Caesar salad is true.

Staying in Tijuana, we also recommend checking restaurant La Diferencia. It is truly different. The menu is specialized in entomophagy. Yes, the restaurant offers a wide range of insect-based dishes. The best period to visit for a crunchy dinner is between April and June. For those who prefer to stick to regular dishes the restaurant offers a vast menu filled with traditional Mexican food. Another top choice to get the Mexican experience is Mi Cocina, located in San Jose del Cabo. It is a symbol of the traditional Baja restaurant. It offers creative dishes with a modern twist. You can have a taste from the renowned basil ice cream or vanilla flan.

If you are searching for a traditional bakery, Panaderia El Boleo is the right spot. The bakery located in Santa Rosalia first opened its doors in 1901 and have been an obligatory stop for pastry lovers since then. Besides traditional pastries it also offers a wide range of international products like French baguettes. Baking begins at 4 A.M. and the pastry is gone from the shop before lunch. For those who value a good atmosphere we have prepared restaurant Maria California located in Mexican La Paz. It offers live music and the walls are stacked with old photos, posters and painting, taking you through the cultural history of Baja. It is also a good spot to take a look at the local artwork.

Tacos El Yaqui from Playas de Rosarito is the perfect choice for those in search for authentic street food. The stand is so popular that they are sometimes forced to close because they’ve run out of ingredients. It is recommended by both tourists and locals as the place to get some of the best tacos in Baja. Seafood is also a mandatory dish in Baja. One of the best choices is Mariscos El Norteno. The restaurant is located across from the fish market, so you are guaranteed that your dish couldn’t get better than this. It offers a wide variety of salsas for a complete experience.

Baja remains of the most interesting and culturally rich places in California. Its cuisine offers a range suitable for every taste. Don’t forget to be careful with the spicy sauce!

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