This article would be guiding you through the best hotels in Baja California. It is therefore pertinent for you to understand what an hotel is. A hotel is an establishment which provides accommodation and other related services for paying guests; which is normally larger than a guesthouse. We must also take into understanding that the services provided by these hotels are paid for! The next question now is: what are the services provided? Are these services of good quality and worth the charges? Of course, yes! The services provided by these hotels are mostly on a short -term basis. Their facilities are of a modest quality and often worth the charges. An hotel should provide you with service ranging from mattress (which of course should make you very comfortable), a dresser, a fridge, kitchen facilities, television set (preferably a flat screen), chairs, an en suite bathroom and toilet, toiletries, and other necessary basic amenities. In a nutshell, a hotel has it as its duty to provide a good customer relation with their clients. Which begins with a charming and nice receptionist up to the General manager who runs the hotel. There are several hotels in Baja California, but I have selected these best hotels for you among the numerous. Check through carefully and enjoy your lodge and visitation in Baja California.

  • The resort at Pedregal – this hotel has been ranked the third- best hotel in Baja California. This hotel is situated on 24 acres on the beach at Cabo San Lucas. In addition, it is one of the very first luxury hotels to reopen after Baja was devastated by hurricane in 2014. This resort has private tools in the rooms, it had its own private beach area, as well as it’s fitness centre. The resort at Pedregal is set in a location where the Pacific Ocean meets the sea of cortex-a very cool place to be. It has about 66 rooms and suites and 21 residential casitas.
  • Los Ventanas al Paraiso – it is an isolated rosewood resort where guests are treated with special rewards such as personal butlers, bath products, and daily delivery of fresh fruits. It has been ranked as the second-best hotel in Baja California. It is a five-star hotel also which is situated at Km. 19.5, Carr. Transpeninsular Cabo. Las Ventanas al Paraiso offers beach access free about three restaurants in operation and a posh spa. Its services are unparalleled and affordable. It is a nice play to lodge to enjoy your tour and holiday.
  • Esperanza, an Auberge resort – this is the best place for the lovers of arts and sculpture to lodge. It also has free Wi-Fi services, ranked the fourth Bert hotel in Baja California. Esperanza VI’s notable for offering its guest with extravagant amenities these amenities include an ocean front pool, a sculpture garden.
  • Hacienda Encantada Resort – ranked the night best hotel in California recently. This hotel results to pleasing its guests with Spanish colonial architecture and fire services. This feature has made visitor to keep raving about the hotel.