Beach Hopping in Baja California

Beach Hopping in Baja California

The Baja peninsula is one of the most diverse landscapes that you could possibly come across. As well as the famous beaches situated here, there are also deserts and mountains, and the whole region is teeming with incredible marine life. The Baja coastline stretches for almost eight hundred miles and along its length you can find some of the most stunning beaches found in Mexico, as well as sleepy little fishing villages and of course busy towns complete with lively cantinas and quality hotel resorts. The major towns of Baja are Tijuana, Ensenada, San Ignacio, Loreto, La Paz, and Mazatlan and it is possible to take a two week trip to visit all the great beaches along the way.


Mazatlan is probably most famous for its annual carnival in February, and is nicknamed The Pearl of the Pacific. And if you love seafood then you will love the restaurants in Mazatlan. The beach is stunning at Mazatlan it is long and lined with palm trees giving sunbathers a natural sunshade. The town has many examples of neoclassical and French baroque architecture which gives the whole place a classical feel to it. Beach lovers can enjoy the many seafront cantinas and restaurants serving fresh and inexpensive food.

La Paz

La Paz is a charming laid-back seaside town perfect for peaceful beach vacations. It has the added advantage of being quieter and cheaper than places such as Los Cabos but offers everything that its bigger brother has. La Paz is also perfect for exploring the offshore islands and a trip to Isla Espiritu Santo is well worth the effort. The island is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and is perfect for scuba diving and other marine activities. Whilst taking a boat tour be sure to add Isla Partida which is the location of Playa Ensenada Grande, which many people consider to be the most beautiful beach in the whole of Mexico. It was the famous French explorer Jacques Cousteau who dubbed this area of Baja as the world’s aquarium because the plethora of fantastic marine life that frequent the waters. Everything from shark, tuna, marlin and mantra ray can regularly be seen, as well as many more tropical varieties.


Squeezed between the Sierra de la Giganta and the Sea of Cortez lies Loreto, and this quaint historical town was founded in 1697 by missionaries. Loreto is in fact the oldest town on the Baja peninsula and one of the prettiest. The beaches of Loreto are perfect for those that love the quiet life, they are less crowded than many of the others on the peninsula and have a real laid-back atmosphere. Along the rear of the beaches it is common to find palm-thatched gazebos which offer much needed shade during the heat of the day. Popular activities are kayaking, fishing, scuba-diving, as well as bird watching. Many people also take advantage of the many walking trails in the surrounding hills, then stroll through the ancient cobbled streets before choosing which restaurant to pop into for dinner. Tourists can take their pick of all these great beaches and many more in this stunning part of the world.

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