Baja is known as one of the most beautiful places in California. It can be visited all year round thanks to the mild weather. It attracts visitors from all around the world thanks to the amazing wildlife and surfing spots. Being right near the ocean it has an amazing culinary culture that focuses on the seafood. Besides the classic surfing and sigh-seeing destinations you can also visit the local bars. They are renowned for the amazing cuisine and drinks. But choosing the right place to go can be quite challenging. We have selected some of the best bars in Baja in order to make your experience even better.

Top Tourist Bars

Bar Andaluz is definitely a touristic attraction itself. The urban legend says that this is the birth place of the margarita, the renowned cocktail that it is now found in every bar in the world. The bar provides an amazing selection of home-made cocktails and some unique recipes that are found only here. The interior is a work of art itself. The bar is made from hard-wood painted in a very dark brown. The overall atmosphere reminds of the old colonial days with a renaissance twist. There are huge mural paintings in this bars that will make your head turn at every step. It is definitely a very interesting place to visit in Baja.

Bar Andaluz

Wine and Food

Malva is the perfect place to go if you like wine and good food. The wine is provided by local vineyards. They are renowned in the whole area for the taste and unique aroma. They are made in a secret way and the taste attracts connoisseurs from all around the world. The food served at this bar comes from local farms.

The chef has chicken, goat and sheep farms that provide raw material exclusively to this restaurant. You are guaranteed to be served very fresh food. The chef also likes to experiment with the dishes. They are considered a mixture between traditional local recipes and modern variations. If you like good food and amazing wine, Malva is the perfect place for you.

Local Spot

Cantina Papas&Beer is the perfect place if you are in a rush. The place provides amazing local food and obviously, beer. This place is also very budget-friendly, and you will be definitely pleased with the selection of food and drinks. You will be definitely immersed in the local cuisine. The place provides a very beautiful terrace where you can enjoy a beer while sunbathing. This way you can truly enjoy the traditional siesta.

Manzanilla Bar

Manzanilla is the perfect place to experiment the 50’s Latino vibe. The bar had an amazing interior that will make you feel that you are in the middle of the last century. The menu changes every day so every time you come here you will be pleasantly surprised by the menu. The husband and wife chefs are very proud of the restaurant. They state that they have the freshest ingredients from local fishermen and the best olive oil in the region.