Baja is one of the most amazing places in California. It combines the local culture with the Latin one. The result is purely breathtaking. The cuisine, the music, the architecture and the vibe will leave you stunned. The nature displays unique landscapes, crystal-clear water and immaculate beaches. A good vacation is defined by the activities you have done during it. We have selected a range of fun activities suitable for every taste and pocket. Being a coastal location, sailing and snorkelling come almost naturally. There is wide range of possibilities suitable for families too. The trip can last from a few hours to a few days and can include fishing, snorkelling and much more. Relax, lay back and let the sun stroke your skin while taking over the seas.

Wine tasting. Californian wines are known to be some of the best in the world. Being in a mild climate, Baja is full of wineries. You can visit them to admire the exquisite process of wine making while sipping a glass of fine Californian wine. This can also be a good idea for souvenirs. ATV tours. Baja offers an amazing desert landscape and it would be a shame to leave it unexplored. You can find rentals in almost every city in Baja. It is an easy and fun way of exploring the Californian wilderness. It is suitable as a group and family activity.

Food festivals. Being renowned for its cuisine, Baja offers a wide variety of street food. While strolling through the city you will be attracted by the amazing smell of fresh food. You can choose to go to dedicated street festivals that can offer from traditional to international cuisine or to stroll from stand to stand in order to discover the authentic food.

Cooking classes. After you have tasted the wonderful cuisine, you will probably want to take home a recipe or two. A fun activity for groups and families are cooking classes. Local chefs will teach you the secrets of traditional Baja food and in no time, you will be an expert yourself. Kayak. The rocky landscape of Baja is striped with many rivers, bays and lakes. These offer the perfect environment for kayak. This activity is suitable for all ages and it’s an amazing opportunity to observe the local landscapes and fauna at their finest. Don’t forget to bring the sunscreen because this trip can take the whole day.

Dinner cruises. For those in search of a rather romantic activity, this is your best choice. Baja is known for amazing sunsets. The best place to see them is from a boat, sipping wine with your loved one and enjoying the amazing Latin cuisine. This is guaranteed to be an amazing evening. Whale watching. This is something you should take into consideration when in Baja. Hop on a boat and watch the whales playing in the sea. This activity is suitable for families too. There are plenty of options for your trip to Baja, choose one that the whole family with love and have a great time!